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The Raw Time-lapse Tutorial: Gear Prep
The Raw Timelapse Tutorial: How To Shoot Day To Night Timelapses
How to Shoot Motion Controlled Time-lapses: A Few Tips to Get You Started
How To Shoot A Static Time-lapse – The 7 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself
What Are The Ideal Settings for Shooting a Timelapse? Understanding the Basic Functions of a DSLR
The Raw Time-lapse Tutorial – Story, Scheduling & Scouting
The Raw Time-lapse Tutorial – Kit Breakdown
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The Raw Time-lapse Tutorial – Introduction
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September 20, 2013

#ExploreYXE Timelapse Film

The saying, ‘home is were the heart is’ varies from person to person but for me, my heart is still with the place I was born. Saskatoon, SK is a city smack dab in the centre of Canada in the province of Saskatchewan with a population of about 300,000 people. I recently teamed up with the crew at Tourism Saskatoon to produce a few videos to help promote the city. Out of the five videos that I am producing with the team, we decided to put together a time-lapse portrait of the city. What I want to do with this post is give you a look into the production to shed light on what it took to produce this campaign. This post will be evolving as each of these videos start to be [...]

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July 18, 2013

The Raw Time-lapse Tutorial: Gear Prep

One of the biggest challenges when shooting a time-lapse is gear management. I don’t know how many times I have arrived at a location and realized a crucial part of my kit was missing. However, like most things, you only learn from your mistakes and what I have learned is that it is extremely important to create checklists and prep gear BEFORE heading out to shoot. Although it does take more time to do this, it will save you time and heartache from going out to get a shot and realizing you don’t have everything you need.

Now I must admit, my least favourite part about filmmaking is the gear prepping. It’s a fine balance between taking too much and taking not [...]

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June 12, 2013

The Raw Timelapse Tutorial: How To Shoot Day To Night Timelapses

As many people have proclaimed, day to night or night to day time-lapses are the ‘holy grail’ of time-lapse shooting. They tend to draw the attention of viewers because of their assumed complexity. At the same time, what people don’t understand is that they aren’t as tough to achieve as they appear. In this blog post, I will quickly walk you through a few different ways of capturing these types of shots.

There are three different ways to approach day to night time-lapses which include:

Shoot in APERTURE PRIORITY and de-flicker in post. Shoot at least one shot during the day and one at night and then BLEND IN POST. RAMP YOUR EXPOSURE / [...]
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May 17, 2013

Rhythms of Spring: An Eight Day Time-lapse Workshop Film

With summer just beginning, 2013 workshops have begun and the first workshop took place in Glacier National Park from May 7th to May 15th. First off, I must say that the experience was a HUGE success and cannot wait for the next one! For people unfamiliar with these workshops, the structure is unlike most other workshops out there because you leave with a finished film. These workshops take you through the entire process of shooting a time-lapse film including story development, scheduling, scouting and much more!

These workshops come in two forms – the 4-day basic and the 8-day extensive. Rhythms of Spring was shot and edited during an 8-day extensive with one day of [...]

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April 29, 2013

How to Shoot Motion Controlled Time-lapses: A Few Tips to Get You Started

Once you have mastered static time-lapses, the next thing to add to your repertoire is the ability to shoot motion controlled time-lapses. Like static time-lapses, it is key to think of each frame as a unique image. At any point in your shot, you should be able to pull out a frame and be proud of it. The biggest different between static and motion controlled time-lapses is that you are using movement to help tell your story. When approaching these shots, you will want to inspect the shot and then determine the best way to capture the motion and before you can do this, there are a few things you need to consider. In this post, we will be looking at:

Composition & [...]
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March 15, 2013

How To Shoot A Static Time-lapse – The 7 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

One of the challenges you need to overcome when shooting a timelapse is determining the ideal setting for your camera. Out of all the questions that I get, the most common are what F-STOP (APERTURE), SHUTTER and INTERVAL (DELAY) to use. In this post, I will first walk you through how to setup your camera and then will follow with the 7 questions that you will want to ask yourself before heading out to shoot. Although not foolproof, these questions will help get you close to the settings you will need to use in your given situation. These questions include:

What are you shooting? When are you shooting? What role is the shot playing in your final piece? Why do you want to shoot [...]
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March 11, 2013

Long Exposure Time-lapse Photography: Pushing The Medium

Foreward by Preston Kanak: Since I started shooting time-lapses, I’ve been fascinated with the effects of long exposure. Not only can it be used to remove flicker when shooting and when applied in post, it also can create a very cool effect. One such person that has taken the technique to a new level is Armand Dijcks who creates an ethereal look through long exposure techniques and compositing.

In this article, Armand walks us through his journey developing his unique look and also shows us how he achieves these shots.

A New Take on Time-lapse By Armand Dijcks

Early 2012 I had been experimenting with time lapse for a while, but somehow wasn’t really [...]

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March 8, 2013

A Moment of Silence – Shot Using the Kessler CineDrive

Saskatchewan is famous for its skies, flat landscape and harsh climate. However, for people who choose to live there, it is much more than that. For the short film, A Moment of Silence, I wanted to create a short narrative documenting why I love Saskatchewan and why I love heading out to explore its vast landscape. Not only is it extremely diverse, it offers many options for outdoor activities throughout the seasons.

With the recent release of the Kessler CineDrive system, I wanted to release a new short film that utilizes some of the features of the system. In this post, I want to walk you show you how I accomplished some of the shots seen in the short, A Moment of Silence as [...]

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