What is Inspiration? Is it a feeling? Is it an emotion? Or is it something more? It seems that the term is being used more and more these days and that the expression is being mis-represented. If someone sees something they like, many deem it inspirational. While writing this post, three different people posted ‘inspirational’ videos — or videos they tag as inspirational. But are they really? With the influx of videos being produced and the ability to access high quality equipment, more people are able to produce great work. Although these works are great, are they inspirational?

By definition, inspiration is A DIVINE INFLUENCE DIRECTLY AND IMMEDIATELY EXERTED UPON THE MIND OR SOUL. Now, does this mean that every time that the term is used it is used incorrectly? Definitely not. However, it is being overused and is slowly loosing it’s true definition.

To Tell A Story

As a filmmaker you have a few roles you need to play. First, you need to try tell a unique story in a unique way. As a filmmaker, you have the power to tell a story. This story should help viewers think in a new way — even in the most basic way. It should make them question something about their life. The second task you have is to find a way to create a connection with your viewer. This connection is what helps move a film from a great film to an inspirational film.

Motivation vs Inspiration

One clear definition that should also be made is the difference between motivation and inspiration. A motivational film is one that makes the viewer look at something differently. This usually manifests in a physical reaction — be it through sadness, happiness, anger, drive or something other. I have found myself time and time again being motivated by what I see — to the point of putting down what I was doing to go out and film.

As for inspiration, this reaction is usually internal. It is this internal reaction that helps push you to change the way you live your life.

My Inspiration

For me, an inspirational film is a film that makes me think in a new way. It is a film that might even explore new techniques I have never seen before. This film will connect with me and push me to work harder and with a purpose.

There are two main things that drive me from day to day. The first being my ten year plan and the second thing being a bucket list. Everyday I think, how do the tasks I am performing each and every day get me closer to my goals? If the tasks are not getting me closer, then I rethink what I am doing.

One such film that made me look at the world in a new way and truely look beyond the daily work I do was the film, “Rethink Your Life”. This film not only embodies the true definition of inspirational but has also been extremely motivational.

What Has Inspired You?

If you have seen any films that have inspired you and made you think differently, please share the links below! My hope is to keep adding videos to this post that people find to be truly inspirational.

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