Masters in Motion 2012: Another Successful Year


Another year of Masters in Motion has come and gone and I can’t help but say congratulations to both Jon & Cristina who put on another amazing event. I have attended many different educational conferences and can say be far that what Jon & Cristina have created is by far one of the best for not only the educational content but the networking events that happen every night.

If you are debating whether or not to attend next year, I recommend reading below to find out more. It is definitely worth the money and will leave you energized for the rest of the year.

“The Masters in Motion workshops offer soup to nuts training for filmmakers looking to push themselves, their craft, each other, into new and groundbreaking territories. Get your hands dirty with industry heavyweights, while they teach you all their mind bending, aperture dialating tips, tricks & philosophies on modern filmmaking. This is brass tacks learning, no fuss, no muss”. – Jon & Cristina

My Involvement

Last year my main role with the workshops was to produce the next day edits. I had a blast doing them and was excited for the opportunity to help with them again. This year we brought in Braden Jobson to take on the role for the first two days. I helped develop the concept for day one and let him take the lead on ensuring we got all the shots we needed. I helped film the bull riding shots, the drink shot, the bird chasing/walking & entrance scenes.

I was also brought on to help with the Kessler demos that were setup on the main floor of the Alamo and present on time-lapse during the hands-on sessions.

Day One

Day one featured presentations from Tatjana Green on Creating Concepts, Credibility & Cash. Her presentation truly made me question my brand and how I want to portray myself and my business. It has made me rethink my direction and look at ways to improve my brand equity. Joe Simon presented on Creative Development of Commercial Work. He did a great job and demonstrating how to make the most out of any production using available resources. He proved you do not need huge budgets and huge lights to create a visually stunning piece.

Alex Buono talked about Visual Story Construction and I think he inspired a lot of people by using the ‘film school’ approach to filmmaking by focusing on the theory behind filmmaking. It truly brought me back to my days in school. Lastly, Vincent Laforet talked about deconstructing the demo and how to stand out in a saturated market. He provided some great insight for new filmmakers by offering constructive criticism on their work AND by also educating everyone on how to present yourself for a market that is changing on a daily basis. I was extremely interested to see how he was going to approach the live critique’s and think he did an amazing job at offering feedback they could apply to their work.

vincent Photo Courtesy of Nice Lady Productions

Following the full day of presentations, we then headed to do some bull riding similar to last year. I thought it was key to have the POV shot of the bull riding and ‘cheers’ shot so I strapped on the helmet and went for a ride!

Photo courtesy of Aaron Rodriguez

Day Two

Day two in Austin was another great day of workshops and hands-on training at Masters in Motion including presentations by Shane Hurlbut, ASC who talked about his latest film, Act of Valor.  He used it as a case study for out of the box filmmaking.  His presentation was insane as he OWNED the stage.


Photo Courtesy of Nice Lady Productions

The last presentation of the day before the hands on portion was by Ian Vertovec who has done work on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network, and the upcoming film, Hitchcock. His began his talk on colour theory and then went onto deconstructing the film, The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.


Photo Courtesy of Nice Lady Productions

Following these two presentations, it was then time for the hands-on sections where Eric Kessler and I were to talk about time-lapse. I have done a fair amount of training on time-lapse but always on a one-on-one / small group capacity where everyone has the opportunity to get the tailored education required.  As such, I found it challenging to cater to everyone’s needs with the larger group format – but also rewarding to help individuals with questions.  I tried to talk more about how to use a time-lapse to help tell a story verses the actual process of shooting. It was a great experience but I will definitely be sticking to the smaller groups or standard presentation formats with structured content.


Photo courtesy of Jon Abrahams

There were also six other workshops going on simultaneously including:

  • Tatjana Green – Set Design
  • Philip Bloom – The Interview
  • Konrad Czystowski– Maximizing Your Coverage
  • Shane Hurlbut, ASC – Storytelling with Light and Composition
  • Joe Simon – Utilizing Natural Light
  • Mike Sutton – The Phantom Flex

 Day Three

The last day of Masters in Motion featured presentations from Konrad Czystowski (The Art & Science of Storytelling), Ondi Timoner (Documentary Filmmaking), Erik Aadahl (Sound Design) and Philip Bloom (Navigating The Road To Success: Strategic Marketing in the Digital Era).


Another highlight of this event was the opportunity to meet a bunch of great people – people I have been talking with for a long time in the online capacity including the team at The Music Bed.

All I can say is that I am happy that I was able to be apart of this event.  I know there are many others that share the same sentiment.  Again, thank you Jon and Cristina for putting on such an amazing event. Until next year!