Force Pile Driving’s Breaking Ground, Building Futures


Force Pile Driving is dedicated to perfection and aim to provide the highest quality service for their customers while maintaining the desire to complete tasks in a timely fashion.

For this project, we were hired to produce a branding video, a recruitment video and a sales video. We were also asked to take photographs of the staff as well as location stills. Our goal with these videos was to capture the essence of the business and focus on the people behind the brand. We spent five days in Northern Alberta shooting on location and at the head office in Red Deer. In this video, we wanted to develop a video with a narrative framed around the environment that has been carefully crafted by the founders of the company, Force Pile Driving.

One of the satisfactions of working with companies is to be immersed in the environment that they have created for their staff and potential and current clients. From the outset of this project, we were absolutely impressed with the way in which Force Pile Driving ran their business in every regard. For the video above, we wanted to craft a cinematic short that embodied the essence of Force Pile Driving.

Visual focus is the environment and the landscape that has shaped who they are. From the late nights to the seemingly impossible jobs, Force Pile Driving let’s their work speak for itself. Epic Vistas, skilled labour and cutting edge equipment are the key elements that will help sell the brand. It was imperative that we showcased who they are, why they do what they do, the value they place on corporate culture, the importance of skilled labour, the importance of cutting edge equipment and the importance of quality work and service. The visual elements will be drawn from the content that we gather for the Recruitment and Sales video as we create one cohesive piece.

CLIENT  Force Pile Driving 
AGENCY  William Joseph Communications
DIRECTOR Preston Kanak

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