Tourism Saskatoon’s ExploreYXE


Travel. Sometimes it can be life-changing. Through the people you meet, the places you visit and the experiences you share.‬

Tourism Saskatoon hired us to produce a comprehensive social campaign that showcases the elements that make Saskatoon unique. Our goal with this campaign was to create a serialized storytelling campaign by structuring and connecting content through similar themes, storylines and production styles.


Visiting a city for the first time can be a bit overwhelming and in most cases, it is not a fair representation of a cities framework. What generally establishes the opinion of a place is its people and the interactions that happen in the first few minutes of a trip. Our goal with this video was to showcase these experiences as our feature characters discover Saskatoon and it’s hidden gems for the first time.


Relationship building is a key aspect of anyone’s life. Using the foundation established from our lead characters first experience in Saskatoon, we showcased familiar faces and locations as our character’s experience both the business and leisure side of Saskatoon. Our goal with this video was to feature the feelings of our lead characters through a poetic voice-over as they continue to explore the city.


Driven back by the people and the place, our lead characters venture back to Saskatoon again – this time strictly for the leisure side of Saskatoon.


From the first to last trip, we will capture each stage of the growth of the relationship right through to the destination wedding in Saskatoon. Our goal with this video was to use it to recap the experiences captured during these visits to Saskatoon.

CLIENT  Tourism Saskatoon
AGENCY  Cinescapes
DIRECTOR Preston Kanak
CINEMATOGRAPHERS Preston Kanak & Zach Wilson
PRODUCER Angela Moore & Nasa Koski