A Week in the Canadian Rockies


Passion projects are critical in keeping my drive alive with the work we produce.

It is a natural break between the corporate grind. From the new locations we are able to visit to the people we meet along the way, it is always a new and exciting adventure.

Growing up you are told, get married, have 2.42 children and then basically live your lives for your kids. Some even say it is the divide between ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ and to be honest, it isn’t all false. From such things as tax rates and eligibility for entitlement programs are altered by marital status. So, when I thought of this idea, we wanted to touch on the importance of finding self before trying to bring someone else into your life.

About the Film

With this film, we wanted to use a ‘less is more’ approach. In this short, the main character uses nature to help re-discover self and through the process, realizes that this transition in his life is one that he has needed for sometime. It is through this experience that he is able to truly live a fulfilled life.

CLIENT  Cinescapes 
DIRECTOR Preston Kanak

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