SaskTel’s In Time


For this project, we worked closely with The Marketing Den to develop the individual stories. We also worked with Tim Tippets to create and score the music for each of the films.

In Time is a series that features three business owners at different points in their careers. This TVC series was developed to help reposition SaskTel Business as a leader in the IT sector within Saskatchewan.

Business at SaskTel is changing. With this change, the SaskTel business brand needs to reset and redefine itself to the business community as an IT and Communications company, rather than simply a telco. This project is being undertaken to reposition SaskTel Business as a service provider and leader in the IT sector within Saskatchewan. The goal of this project was to help change perceptions about what SaskTel business was capable of through a creative video campaign.


‘IN TIME’ is proposed to be shot on either the Nikon D810 and/ or Sony FS7 with a focus on specialized camera movements utilizing camera sliders, gimbals, UAV’s and cranes. As we progress throughout the piece, we will introduce more camera movements in our image.

The final look of the film is illustrated in the visual style board following. Stark lighting ratios for dramatic flair with a warm / cool contrast between environments Contrasted earth tones will be used to help emphasis the hard light of the outdoor locations.

A balance of hand-held during the action scenes and controlled, subtle dolly movements will help tell the story and create depth as we move throughout the scene. Showcasing the surroundings while focusing on the characters will help create a larger sense of environment with a focus on these specialized movements and wide vistas to help capture the diverse landscape of Saskatchewan.

It is our goal to excite and inspire others and make them question what this re-branding means to them. Beyond this, it is critical that we use this campaign to showcase that SaskTel is a viable and credible IT player. We will aim to get C-Suite executives and entrepreneurs excited about SaskTel as a viable and credible IT company.

Beyond this, we want to showcase SaskTel and Saskatchewan in an unexpected way and highlight excitement that is occurring in Saskatchewan business. The goal with this campaign is to make the audience re-evaluate what they thought SaskTel Business was capable of. These video assets must appeal to a mass public audience and encourage small / medium businesses and the general public to act as advocates.

Our goal is to tap into the progressive and contemporary environment that Saskatchewan has become by featuring local business owners as the advocates. Our goal is to use the SaskTel brand to help capture this feeling that has been scratching the surface but has yet to be visualized. We would look to use SaskTel as the rallying point for this idea.


Our compositions will be layered but will still have a very clean and polished feel. We will use textures and light effects to add depth to our images both during filming and after in post but will ensure that this is done in a way that still maintains the clean design. From using silk and practicals during the shoot to light leak elements in post, we will use these elements to create this depth.

Colour and vibrancy are critical in these images. From vistas to office shots, it is key that we are able to capture the sense of energy that comes with most web 2.0 companies that are focused on a strong corporate culture. From writing on glass doors to ping pong tables, it is key we find spaces that speak to the new way of doing business.