When working in a corporate world, finding ways to get creative with your projects can sometimes be challenging depending on the client you are working with. For me, it is super important that with every project, I learn something. When coming into this project, my goal was to choose a team that was able to perform multiple tasks enabling us to push our skill-sets.

Project Inception

For this project, a local agency approached us with a desire to produce a web and tv campaign that shows how SaskTel enables customers to focus on what they do best. Our goal was to position SaskTel as a reliable and advanced M2M business provider within the province to large businesses and potential clients.

To do this, the agency selected IntraGrain as the company to profile to show that through SaskTel, they are able to serve customers across the province.

IntraGrain offers an affordable system that allows any size of grain farmer the ability to monitor stored grain from anywhere in the world, via the internet and mobile phone.

What excited us about this approach is that they were using indirect marketing to promote SaskTel.

Our Approach

When it came to task distribution, it was key that teammates were willing to perform multiple tasks. Because the shoot was scheduled over multiple days across Saskatchewan, I wanted to find a team of three that were able to act as sound person, cinematographer, grip and gaffer. Although each of us are not masters in each of the areas, by us continually putting ourselves in these roles, we are able to learn how to deal with a variety of obstacles that arise. Further to this, we were all able to get creative and contribute to the project creative.

Why Diversifying a Skill-set is Important

You Don’t Have an Option

Sometimes you are in situations where you don’t have a choice but perform multiple tasks. In these situations, if you don’t learn how to perform the tasks, the job won’t get done. By spending the time to at least understand all roles of a given task, you will become a much more well rounded team member.

You Won’t Get Bored

By diversifying your skill-set, you will ensure that you won’t get tired of the job you are doing. In some cases, you might even find something that you connect with more than you thought you would have if you didn’t try. I know for myself, I would grow very bored if my job was too repetitious.

Your Work Will Improve

By understanding how all the cogs work, you are able to improve the final product as you will be able to offer strategic insight. By being able to rely on others to provide support in multiple areas will only make the final product stronger.


How to Do It

Calculated Risks

When it comes to any risk you take on a production, it is critical that it is a calculated risk because at the end of the day, there is a client at the end of the process that you need to satisfy. When looking to try something new with any production, it is important to put in failsafes to ensure you are able to complete the task. Further to this, when I am looking to try something new, I always look to make small improvements by taking small risks. This ensures that the client is happy through the process.

Build a Strong Team

With anything, building a strong team of like minded people that are able to support you is critical. Without a strong team, it is impossible to be successful with any endeavour. When looking to try something new, surround yourself with like-minded people who are also hoping to improve their skill-sets and learn alongside you.

Give Away Some Control

One thing I find myself struggling with sometimes is relinquishing control. Being that I am the person that is accountable to the client at the end of a project, I sometimes struggle to give away control of certain areas of the production. However, it is imperative that your teammates feel like they are contributing in a unique way for any project. It is critical to make them feel like their voice matters. Without this, it is hard to have them give it their all.


Below are the TVC’s that resulted from this experience. I will say that by taking these calculated risks, I feel we were able to produce a stronger piece than if we would have by bringing on task masters.