A New Chapter // Excited for New Collaborations in California


Over the past few months, I have been going through the US immigration process which was much more challenging than I could have expected. These challenges were not only in the paperwork required but in the weird process of no-work / no-travel as well (I will touch more on this later). What kicked off as an amazing journey of marriage to my wife ended up being much more mentally exhausting than I could have ever imagined. And for people that think that planning a wedding is hard, this definitely changes the game! (Luckily we had a very small wedding so the planning wasn’t super crazy).


I met my wife in New York. We instantly hit it off. With me being from Canada and her from the US, we both dove in head first immediately. I ended up making many trips to the US to visit her and she made many to Canada as well. Pretty quickly we realized that we were a pretty good fit for each other as our interests and values overlapped very well.

Once we made the decision to get married, we both knew the process was going to be challenging logistically but the most challenging part for me was actually psychologically. Being unable to work or travel when you want to so bad was a tough one. Especially when it is for six months. What was great is that I was able to spend time on things I otherwise wouldn’t have. We purchased mountain bikes and a Peloton exercise bike and created an exercise routine out of that. I spent time writing and also time on editing some longer form projects that have been sitting for some time. I spent a huge part of my time also exploring SF, which was a great way to not only get familiar with the city but also a great opportunity to scout locations.

This time off also allowed me to reground myself and focus on what is truly important for me. It allowed me to realize that a lot of the work I had been doing recently had been sucking the creativity out of me. The commercial / corporate landscape is a challenging one as you are forced to fit inside a specific mould and if you are not willing to fight for what is important to you, you will quickly lose sight of why you started work as a creative in the first place.



Although a bit nerve-wrecking to start work in a new city (knowing that the easy route would have been to stick with my commercial and corporate work) I am very excited for the new challenges ahead. From not knowing where my next pay check will come from to re-establishing a network of collaborators, these challenges are scary and daunting but I know all it will take is time. The process of designing my life is a fun one and I can’t wait to see what this new chapter brings.

For now, I will call San Francisco home and am very excited for any and all collaboration opportunities. My current goal through this transition is to collaborate with as many people as possible.

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