49 Miles Surrounded by Reality



I recently spent some time running around the Bay Area trying to get to know it a bit better. This is a first of what I hope are many visual portraits of San Francisco.

49 Miles Surrounded by Reality is a visual film shot in and around Northern California with a focus on the Bay Area. The goal of the film was to use it as a visual exploration showcasing how connected to nature that the area really is. I wanted to explore these locations as a way to familiarize myself with San Francisco while also sharing the experience with others.

Creative Lessons

For this film, I also used it as an experiment with FCPX. I had tested it out when it first came out and wasn’t super impressed. After working with it now, I must say that there are some features in it that absolutely blow my mind. It makes the editing process so much more streamlined. I’m able to view and edit in full resolution. I am able to create edits in places where I want rather than guessing in Premiere due to the inability to play full resolution in real time. Overall very impressed. Am I going to make the move for good? For some things, yes. For others, no. I will be creating a blog post soon to talk about how I approached the transitions and my big takeaways.


Inspired by Paul Kantner.

The music is ‘Cerulea’ by Kevin Graham and was licensed through Soundstripe.

CLIENT  Passion Project
DIRECTOR Preston Kanak
COLLABORATORS  Mark Daws, Matthew Price, Leo Maco, Riley Moynes and Kristina Frost