001 – Overcoming the Challenges of a Career Shift – An Interview with Mark Daws


Career shifts. Battles with your inner critic. Creative barriers. In this episode, Preston Kanak talks with Mark Daws about the challenges and struggles Mark went through when shifting priorities in his life. We focus on overcoming the challenges of a career shift and the impact that has on your psyche.

About Mark Daws

Mark is a Filmmaker / Art Director based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is committed to creating purposeful ideas and emotive experiences for businesses that empower people, evoke change and have a positive lasting impact on the world. He believes that no matter what the creative medium, make it matter.

Episode Links

Mark and I talked about a lot in this episode. I’ve included a few more things if you would like to dig a little bit deeper.

If you are looking to go through a career pivot yourself, I’ve created a post in the past that includes some early questions to ask yourself.