002 – Fighting Anger with Movement – An Interview with Matt Adams

Anger. Depression. Mind and body connection.


Anger. Depression. Mind and body connection. In this episode, Matthew Price talks with Matthew Adams about his early challenges overcoming depression with the help of a tremendous support structure. They talk about how important a support system was in the process and how he maintains a focus mentally and physically.

About Matthew Adams

A lifelong student, Matthew is constantly hungry to learn and to grow his skills and expertise. He is a Certified Primal Health Coach and holds both NASM’s Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist Certifications. He continues his quest for knowledge on a daily basis through research on cutting-edge concepts in movement and nutrition science, along with other related topics.

Episode Links

Both Matt’s talked about a lot in this episode. I’ve included a few more things if you would like to dig a little bit deeper.