003 – Starting with a Strong Foundation – An Introduction to Matthew and Preston


Format. Process. Foundations. Today is a special episode outside of the typical format. Matthew Price and I take a step back and look at the form and function of the podcast. We dig into the why behind it and what we hope to achieve. We explain the format and how it will likely evolve over time.  I truly hope you enjoy this episode and get a better understanding about our intentions.

Introducing the Hosts

Preston Kanak was born in Saskatchewan, Canada and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has a strong passion for storytelling, no matter the format. While he makes most of his living from commercial and documentary work, his true passion lies in self development, finding ways to live a more fulfilled life and to also help others avoid some of the mistakes he has made in his journey so far. In 2010, he successfully completed a film a day project that had him producing a film a day for an entire year. He is married to his wife, Kristina and they are expecting their first child in July 2018.

Matthew Price was born in Altoona, Pennsylvania and raised in South Florida. From there he moved to San Diego, back to Miami then Phoenix until he landed in the San Francisco Bay Area. During these moves he also worked. First as a photojournalist in San Diego and then as a producer for a recruiting based marketing company in Miami and Phoenix. In Phoenix he assumed a role that built a team of video producers who created content for 500+ employers across the United States. After he left his corporate job he started 11 Loud Productions, which helps build brand awareness and develop brand identity for small to medium sized companies. He also has an amazing wife, two beautiful daughters, a shy cat and another cat that is an asshole.

Episode Links

Matt and I talked about a lot in this episode. I’ve included a few more things if you would like to dig a little bit deeper.

  • Preston and Matt mention the book, Positive Intelligence. This book had a huge impact on Preston’s outlook on life.
  • Preston mentions that filmmaking isn’t his true passion and that interviewing (connecting with people) is what he is truly passionate about. To clarify, Preston does love filmmaking – it’s just that his favourite part is the collaboration aspect of the process.
  • Format-wise, the podcast will be made up of interviews, muses and subject driven deep dives.
  • The podcast will be released weekly.
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