004 – Resilience in the Face of Trauma – An Interview with Kristina Frost


Trauma. Self Discovery. Balance. In this episode, Preston Kanak talks with Kristina Frost about a traumatic event that changed the trajectory of her life. Instead of letting it get her down, they talk about how she was able to turn this event into a learning experience and one that set her on a path of self discovery.

About Kristina Frost

Kristina Frost is a designer, executive coach, an interior designer, an outdoor guide and educator, a photographer and a film producer. She believes ANYTHING can be designed when you have a set of values, constraints, and access to your intuition to guide you.

Through coaching, she helps people design their life and homes using a values-based framework that points them in their direction of their “true north”. When you don’t use the framework, it’s easy to get lost in the status quo, feeling unhappy, and out of control of your own life.

She is a certified CPCC (Certified Professional CoActive Coach) through the Coaches Training Institute (think the Ivy League of executive coaching). This means you’re getting executive leadership coaching, the stuff CEOs and VPs at big companies get!

Episode Links

Kristina and I talked about a lot in this episode. I’ve included a few more things if you would like to dig a little bit deeper.