My Philosophy

I consider myself a life-long learner and thrive when learning new things and pushing my comfort zone. Finding ways to expand my way of thinking is without question one of my biggest driving forces. I believe you are the sum of all your experiences and these experiences are what make you unique – for the good, and the bad. Looking back, I often questioned the path I took through school and whether or not it prepared me for all that life offers (I talk more about that here). Thinking about it now though, I see that these experiences were foundational to the person I have become. These experiences are what have led me to where I am today.

About Preston

Preston Kanak has had the opportunity to direct a vast number of projects in a variety of genres including commercial, narrative, and documentary. Through a passion for adventure and the outdoors, he’s combined his interests into a drive for some of the most unique and kinetic video content in the industry, including his year-long film a day project. With a focus on using new mediums and channels to share work, Preston has managed to expand his knowledge and share it with his peers worldwide.

If you would like to view his resume, click here. (last updated December 2016).





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