Ethic’s Statement


The internet is a great place to find information and to educate oneself. Almost anything you want to know can be found on the internet. There are many people willing to share their knowledge and as a result, many how-to videos are emerging. However, with this availability of knowledge, filtering to find quality content is becoming difficult.

The saying, “if you think you know everything you know nothing” is a phrase that I stand by. I DO NOT know everything. I am very new to film-making and know I have a lot to learn. As a result, in any videos I produce/posts I create, I try focus on WHAT I KNOW and not WHAT I THINK I KNOW — although sometimes I get caught in this trap. Film-making is ALWAYS a learning experience — even if you have 40 yrs of experience. There is ALWAYS something to learn.

As such, all content on this site is BASED OFF OF MY EXPERIENCES AS A FILMMAKER / FREELANCER and my hopes is that some of the content will help you avoid some of the mistakes I have made along the way.


In my short time with film-making, I have learned a few things that I wish I would have known early on. Time is money and it is extremely important to use gear that is reliable and consistent. When I first started buying gear, I tried to save money and bought stuff I could afford. Even though the gear I really wanted was only a little bit pricier, I always skimped on gear. As a result, a lot of it broke / wore out / didn’t work how I wanted it to and I was forced to purchase new gear. In the end, I would (in most cases) end up spending much more than I would have if I would have waited a bit longer until I could afford the gear I wanted.

My focus with film-making has taken a dramatic shift since the completion of my 3 Minute Shorts project. My main focus over the last few months has been almost exclusively shooting tutorials. I have continued to shoot my personal shorts at about a rate of one a week. However, most of these shorts have become driven heavily by time-lapse photography.

I have been shooting time-lapses for about 5 years now — starting on both the Nikon D80 & HVX200. In this time, I have used a lot of gear to help when shooting. I have also used gear that was not reliable and know the frustration that comes along with this.

I currently work with Kessler developing product videos as well as work with Kessler University. However, this is not the ONLY REASON why I focus my posts/videos on their gear. I focus so heavily on Kessler gear because I believe in their products as well as what they stand for. The BUILD QUALITY, FOCUS ON GIVING BACK and their PASSION are unmatched in the industry.

I had my first experience with Kessler gear back in 2010 when Philip Bloom gave me a Pocket Dolly Traveller for helping him on a Doc that we were shooting in Lewiston, Idaho. It was near the tail end of my film a day project and I ended up using it EVERY DAY for the rest of the project and it remains rock solid to this day. Fast forward to August 2011 and Philip asked me to assist on a doc he was producing for Kessler in Indiana. This was my first time of seeing the full product line from Kessler — as well as the passion Eric has for the work he does — as well as the passion that the entire team has. This passion shows in the products they develop and is one of the main reasons why I focus so heavily on the gear.

There are many great products on the market and I am sure there are also some companies that share this passion.

However, I try and focus all tutorials around two factors:

  • Quality products that work.

I believe my job is to focus on what I know — products/training that I could perform in my sleep. Focusing my 3 Minute Shorts project around the 10,000 hr rule truly solidified the importance of this for me. I still have a lot to learn and will continue to share the journey. Mistakes are what makes one stronger.

Cheers, Preston.