The Aquatic Waltz

I try and test myself creatively as often as possible. For this project, I wanted to capture the beauty of the Monterey Aquarium but do so with the use of only one lens (35mm) and no tripod.

Oakland Our Turf

I push myself to create work that expands my skill set. For this piece, Caroline of The Hive Studios had a unique concept that utilized the Kessler CineDrive. Her hope was to take the system for a test spin and to create something really…

How to Prepare a Call Sheet

Call sheets are an imperative part of the pre-production process. It provides all the details to your cast and crew to ensure everyone is on the same page for the day. It makes sure they show up on time (early) with everything they need to…


For this production, on was brought on to help facilitate the product shoot for Kessler Shuttle Dolly. The goal was to show how the Shuttle Dolly is extremely versitile and essential on any production, no matter the scale. Production of the…