INVESTMENT: Starting at $200/month


I consider myself a life-long learner and am never happy sitting still. Finding ways to expand my way of thinking is without question one of my biggest driving forces. Looking back on the path I took after high school, I definitely would not follow the same path to university for a film degree (I talk more about that here). What I would do however, is seek out a mentor to help guide me along on my journey.

Mentoring, in my opinion, is way more helpful than any film school because you are able to get a one-on-one directed experience. If you have a desire to either get into the industry or want to refine a specific skill-set, consider registering for a free sample session to see if this is for you.


What we cover is totally up to you and guided by your core objectives for both your personal and professional life. My goal is to create an environment you feel safe to grow into the person you want to be.

The development of educational content is a huge passion of mine and providing insight as to how I approach all aspects of video production, outdoor education and business development is where my interests and experience lies. My goal is to provide support for each of the above while also offering one-on-one sessions that dig deeper into your personal and professional goals while ensuring there are measurable objectives through the process.


There are a few options based on the type of collaboration you are wanting to invest in. There is either a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly session rate based on your specific needs. I am also open to custom arrangements based on your given scenario. If you are looking for a custom option, please reach out to me directly.