Templates / Downloads

Looking to implement systems into your workflow? Looking for some values clarification? This page contains a few helpful templates I have developed that help me stay focused and organized through the work I do on a daily basis.

Timelapse Checklist & Tracking Sheet

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Not sure how to shoot a timelapse? This checklist walks you through each step for shooting a timelapse so you don’t miss a step along the way. You will also find a shot list information tracking sheet attached as well.

Values Assessment Worksheet


Curious as to why you make the decisions you do in your life? Wanting a bit more clarity as to what you hold important? These worksheets help provide clarity and provide insight into what makes you tick. These worksheets also provide actionable steps for the year ahead.

Folder Structure For Productions


Do you struggle to keep all your production assets organized? Curious about where to put these files? I’ve created a folder structure that takes the guesswork out and allows you to focus on what is important, which is running your business.

2018 Premiere Pro Project File Template


This template is built out to help keep your projects organized. Including timeline labeling, sequence format and size templates and more, this project file will get you up and running with a system to help support you along the way.