Building a business is a learning experience and in my short time as a filmmaker, I have learned a lot of lessons and made a lot of mistakes. The goal of this website is to help you avoid some of the mistakes I have made along the way by giving you a behind-the-scenes look into some of our productions.

Hire Preston

Preston is a San Francisco based filmmaker with experience in virtually all genres of video production. To find out what equipment is available, check out his gear list.


Preston has been writing and directing commercial projects for the last three years. The goal with each project is experiment with unique creative approaches while also hitting on core brand objectives. Below is an example of a project produced for Nikon Canada. The goal was to show the capabilities of the Nikon D810 through a short documentary.


Preston loves to play with light. He has has the opportunity to act as Director of Photographer on two feature films in 2014 and has shot over 500 films (365 of them part of his film a day project in 2010) in the last five years. The example below is from The Sabbatical, one of the features shot in 2014.


Preston has had the opportunity to shoot time-lapses all across North America using a variety of techniques including day to night, motion, hyper-lapse and more. He also offers time-lapse workshops for filmmakers. Below is a short Preston shot while filming pickup shots for the film, Snow Guardians.


CAN 306.540.8176
US 415.518.1555


Preston is currently represented by Film Supply. For all footage inquiries, please click here.