I have used and have experience with virtually all styles of camera platforms. Below is a list of camera bodies that I own. I’ll discuss why I chose one over another – and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Sony FS7

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Comments: The Sony FS7 has been my go-to camera for 8 months now and as I continue to use it, I continue to see how versatile the camera is – especially when considering price. Shooting S-LOG 3 allows you to push the image far in post – as long as you do not underexpose your image. This camera falls apart in low light situations and crave’s overexposing – even by as much as three stops.


3 x Nikon D810

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Comments: The D810 has been my go-to camera for photography and time-lapse and until recently – was also my go-to for cinema as well. The quality of still images is the best I have used by far. The ability to push the shadows and highlights is amazing. As for video, the flat settings enables this footage to be intercut with virtually any camera and when paired with Nikon glass, is able to be upscaled to 4k amazingly well. I currently own three and have no plans of changing systems.

2 x DJI Inspire 1 with X3

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Comments: I have been flying the Inspire 1’s for a year now and am continually blown away by the quality and style of image you are able to capture with this system. I currently own two crafts and spent three weeks in Patagonia working with DJI’s new X5 and X5R. Once refined, these systems will be absolutely stunning.



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Comments: I feel very weird for saying this but this is my new travel camera. This thing is an absolute beast of a camera for its size. My first experience with this was on a shoot in Patagonia where we were forced to shoot our journey from a horse. The only way that we were able to capture any usable footage was with this camera. Further to this, for any multi-day expeditions, this tool has proved invaluable because of how easy it is to capture smooth footage in such a small package. When every ounce counts, this is a powerful tool for staying light while not missing the shot.

DJI Phantom 4

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Comments: After having flown the Inspire 1 since it’s release, I was skeptical about the capabilities of the Phantom 4. However, after using it, I can easily say it is much easier to fly than the Inspire and the image quality, although not as good as the X3 in my opinion, the quality is good. Easily my go-to for most projects at this point.