Building a business is a learning experience and in my short time as a filmmaker, I have learned a lot of lessons and made a lot of mistakes. The goal of this website is to help you avoid some of the mistakes I have made along the way by giving you a behind-the-scenes look into some of our productions.



This is just the start of what will become a MUCH more extensive section of this site. I feel that lighting is an art in-it-of itself. And it’s hard to do it justice just now. There are many more types of lights and diffusion / modeling components and variations than there are lenses… so this section will take awhile to complete.

Zylight F8

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 7.48.15 PMComment: These lights are extremely rugged and pack a punch. They are battery powered (1 hour per 98Wh) and can withstand intense weather conditions. I have used them in the rain and snow and they have worked flawlessly. The only two negatives are the weight and the battery adapter. I have been through two adapters and need to replace a third. The plates are made by Switronix and are plastic – otherwise the light is rugged.

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Description: The F8 LED Fresnel (Daylight) from Zylight is the next generation of Fresnel lights. All of the hallmarks of a traditional Fresnel light are present; single shadow beam shaping through barn doors, continuous focusing and a smooth light field. The Zylight F8 adds wireless and DMX control, water-resistant IP54 rating, and very rugged construction for field reliability. Available in both Tungsten and Daylight color temperature versions, the Zylight F8 is extremely compact, durable and one of the most versatile Fresnel lights on the market.

Lowel Blender

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 7.49.41 PMComment: This is my go-to travel light that I usually use as a catch light for interviews or to add a subtle note to the image.

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Description: The Lowel Blender AC/DC Kit throws an entirely new light on the problems of shooting in mixed-light environments: when neither tungsten nor daylight are the right color, you just fudge it, right? Not anymore–the Blender makes it possible to fine-tune your lights to match (or contrast with) whatever light you’re grappling with. With twin arrays of daylight and tungsten LEDs in one fixture, two simple dials make it possible to dial in the light to exactly the color you choose (from approximately 3000°K to 5000°K). This tiny unit (1.2 lbs and small enough to hold with a pistol grip) puts out a solid 56W of light, and it’s dimmable from 100% to 10%. It runs off a Sony camcorder battery sled (battery not included), or the included 120V/240V AC adapter. Also included are a handle and stud, a set of three different diffusers and a Lowel Blender Single Carry Bag for transporting the kit.