Power & Media

Keeping batteries charged and media backed up when in the field are two of the most challenging tasks when it comes to gear management. This section will not only lay out the gear I use on productions but it will also talk about some of the ways in which we approach battery management and data management.


Here are the batteries I own.

  • Goal Zero Yeti 400 // The yeti is an essential tool for any off the grid filmmaking. With the yeti, you are able to harness the power of the sun to generate power for on-set applications. When working in the field, the yeti has allowed me to charge batteries, laptops and ensure that I am able to keep shooting. The yeti can take an input of 120Wh. Currently I use Goal Zero Nomad 20 panels but will be upgrading to the Nomad 100.
  • 8 x Switronix V Mount // Currently these are my go-to but they do not last. They are cheap but 4 of them are dead after only 2 years. Avoid these (not sure if the new hypercore are better or not)!
  • 12 x Sony BPU60’s // When it comes to batteries, I try stick with on-brand as much as possible as I find they last longer than the off-brand varieties. The U-60’s last a solid 4 hours of shooting and allow me to keep my FS7 stripped down when in shooting environments where I don’t want to use it kitted up. When I travel, I try keep the FS7 as slim as possible and this is a great way to help when not using the back module.
  • 12 x Nikon EL-EN15 batts // Due to the life of these batteries, I generally only run them when taking photos. When shooting time-lapses, I generally roll with a vmount. I also use the grip from time to time but the battery metering with the D810 is a bit deceiving as it only shows the life of one battery at a time unless you look deeper into the menus.
  • 9 x Sony A7RII Batts // The A7Rii is a battery HOG. If you want to roll with these batteries, you will want to stock up as you will burn through them quickly, even if just taking photos. I highly recommend getting a DTAP / V Mount adapter.
  • Kessler Ion // The Kessler Ion is an invaluable tool I use on every production. Whether powering a camera, slider or light, it is a great solution. It lasts through a production day with heavy use and is a key tool especially for when shooting time-lapses.
  • Kessler MagPak // I use the Kessler Ion packs when I am wanting to take a stripped down Second Shooter setup into the field. With the use of magnets, it attachs directly to the controller and motor and keeps a clean and lightweight setup. The batteries last through an astro timelapse so it is the perfect solution for this setup.
  • 9 x DJI Inspire 1 Batts // You can never have too many Inspire batteries. Each battery last about 20 minutes in warmer weather conditions and about 10 minutes in colder weather climates. For any flight, this is more than enough time but if you are wanting to do multiple flights, you will want to ensure you have many backups. I have 12 batteries that I use on productions.
  • 5 x DJI Ronin Batts // The Ronin batteries last a long time when your setup is balanced correctly. Two batteries will get you through a day – four batteries if you are powering monitors from it as well. These batteries charge pretty quickly if you need to recharge when in the field.

Power Adapters

  • Wooden Camera D-Tap to DC Power Cable for Sony PXW-FS7 Camera
  • Sony XDCA-FS7 Extension Unit for PXW-FS7
  • 3 x D810 Switronix Powertap Regulator Cable
  • Wooden Camera D-Tap to Sony A7 Series Power Cable


  • Transcend CF Cards // Until recently, I used CF for all DSLR content. These cards worked flawless and were my go-to. However, with the D810’s they aren’t the best cards and fault out during time-lapses.
  • Sony XQD // Although very pricey, these cards are rock-solid and offload in no time flat. A 128GB card offloads in 15 minutes – which is substantially better than any SD or CF I have used.
  • Lexar SD’s // These are my new go-to cards for the D810’s. Their price-point is amazing and I have yet to have any faults with the cards.
  • Sandisk SD’s
  • Odyssey SSD // I roll with the on-brand SSD’s for my Odyssey 7Q. This is a great solution when I want redundancy when recording. You can never be too careful and by having a backup, I have the piece of mind that my content is safe.