Timelapse & Motion Control

As you move into more advanced time-lapse photography and camera moves using sliders and jibs, you may find that you want to have more precise control over how the camera is moving. These tools will help you get the job done.

Kessler Cinedrive

Comment: My go-to for extensive multi-key-framed / composited shots is the CineDrive system. This system is extremely versatile for any production needs and is capable of advanced compositing and time-lapse shooting.

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Description: This Kessler Crane CineDrive Pan & Tilt Head features a 27:1 high speed brick pan motor and 50:1 high torque brick tilt motor, supporting up to 12 lb and 25 lb, respectively. The 27:1 pan motor provides fast motions of up to 106° per second, ideal for action shots, over-cranked slow-motion, or ultra-quiet operation at slower speeds. Because of the faster gearing, torque is reduced, so the max load is 12 lb (on center of gravity) in horizontal use. The 50:1 tilt motor provides nearly twice the torque of the 27:1 tilt motor and is recommended for when the Pan & Tilt head is used at an incline on a slider. Increased gear reduction results in motions of 54° per second and the ability to handle up to 25 lb loads (on center of gravity).

This Pan & Tilt Head uses a high-precision worm drive system that provides ultra-smooth, lash free motion. This eliminates the need to calibrate for lash compensation and prevents the possibility of back-driven motion, ensuring safety to your camera even in case of power loss. An adjustable camera basket, used for vertical positioning, provides the center of gravity control required for vertical movement. Fixed and adjustable degree rulers, heavy duty and weather resistant cable connections, and a multitude of mounting holes provide the tools and flexibility that will allow for precision performance.

Kessler Second Shooter

Comment: My go-to for any expedition is the second shooter. With the ability to program three key-frames in a small / compact system, you are able to capture virtually any time-lapse shot you would want. Further to this, you are also able to add motion to your interviews. Since the release of this product, it has traveled with me on virtually every production.

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Description: The 3-axis Second Shooter Bundle from Kessler Crane is a motion control system that lets you create dynamic and repeatable movements with your Kessler slider. Included in the bundle are the key components required to construct a 3-axis system: the Second Shooter Controller, Slider Motor, and Pan & Tilt Head. Compact in size and intuitive to operate, the Second Shooter system makes it easy to capture repeatable motion control for live-action, time-lapse, or stop-motion applications. Compared to stepper motor systems, Second Shooter receives feedback communication from digitally encoded motors when determining motor positions to ensure precise control. The system is quick to set up in the field, making is suitable for run-and-gun and one-man-band shooters as well as larger production houses.

Kessler TLS

Comment: This system is the lightest of the lot and allows you to travel on lightweight backpacking trips. This is a stripped down version of other time-lapse systems that can be paired with the Second Shooter for multi-axis shots. This is my go-to for any time-lapse specific shoot.

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Description: The brand-new Kessler TLS (Time Lapse System) is the world’s most versatile time-lapse centric camera slider and motion control product. Built on the premise that the needs of time-lapse shooters are unique and vary dramatically, TLS aims to be the most configurable time-lapse unit available today. Its extremely sturdy and affordable 80/20 rail system comes in a variety of lengths allowing users to have a perfect size for every scenario and its ease of assembly allows for changes on-the-fly.

By integrating with Second Shooter, TLS combines a popular rail design with an already proven world-class product to control camera movement. Current Second Shooters can use existing components, such as their Second Shooter controller, Pan and Tilt head, FIZ motors and other Second Shooter accessories with TLS. By having the slider motor integrated with the camera cart as well as mounting the Second Shooter controller and MagPak to the cart via Magnalink, the TLS stays compact and organized.

Designed in conjunction with time-lapse professionals around the world, TLS is the result of a collaborative development approach that leveraged years of manufacturing and in-the-field experience to produce an affordable and feature-rich product perfect for the time-lapse community.

Kessler Oracle System

Comment: The Oracle is the analog-based system that was released prior to Kessler’s digital system. It is a great option when paired with Kessler’s crane and jib setups.

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Description: The elektraDRIVE motion control system is a complete analog motion control family of products designed to motorize any of our compatible sliders and motorized heads to achieve smooth and consistent camera movement for live action, time-lapse or stop motion applications. Control of elektraDRIVE is accomplished with either the Basic Controller or ORACLE Control System and can be configured for high speed or high torque scenarios, depending on camera weights and shooting styles.

The Kessler Revolution Head 2 is fully motorized pan and tilt head engineered to meet the expanding needs of filmmakers today. Built with over and under-slung shooting in mind, the compact design makes the head more secure than other heads on the market. A perfect addition to your crane and slider rigs, controlling pan and tilt movement has never been easier than with the Revolution Head. The ORACLE Control System is the core of our elektraDRIVE line of products. The ORACLE Control System is interchangeable between multiple products like our REVOLUTION head and elektraDRIVE motor pods for Kessler sliders.

Kessler Basic Controller

Comment: The basic controller is a stripped down option for motion controlled time-lapses and motion moves. This product is now discontinued and replaced with the Second Shooter.

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Description: The elecktraDRIVE® Basic Controller is designed for use with our elektraDRIVE motor configurations any of Kessler’s motorized camera sliders and dollies. The Basic Controller provides linear movement with adjustable speed control and has built in digital dampening for smooth starts and finishes to each shot. By utilizing the Motor Speed calculator in the Kessler iOS app, timelapse movements can easily be setup with the Basic Controller. This combination is great for shooters looking for simplicity and those concerned with keeping their pack weight light. The Basic Controller keeps things simple by having accessible left and right buttons and a speed knob that is adjustable on-the-fly. ElektraDRIVE motors come in 5 different speed/torque options for every application.