The most common prescription drugs for erotic fantasies in women

Often we are imaging situations containing some forbidden actions that can cause condemnation. This also applies to the intimate sphere of life. Of course, both men and women purchase prescription drugs and fantasize a lot on erotic topics and, sometimes, it helps to brighten up their sex life.

And if most men’s fantasies are quite straightforward, women are more virtuosic in their thoughts. In women, the most popular erotic fantasies associated with specific experiments: the representation of something that in real life has never done. In sexual dreams, according to the psychologist, most often experiment with roles, scenes, and forms of sexual pleasure.

Fantasies about rape, for example, among the masses, cause the most significant misunderstanding. However, for some, the feeling of pain can be a source of sexual pleasure. In sexual fantasies, women imagine physical abuse of herself or other people like tying, burns, handcuffs, and beating. Such fantasies vividly describe the strength and pain it causes, and the pleasure is directly proportional to the suffering of the victim.

Fantasies in which a woman has a sexual relationship with another partner who may be imaginary, former or real friends are also common. One of the kinds of fantasies about sex with another partner is fantasies about sex with a celebrity. Here a woman can choose a known and successful companion or partner, which at the same time can act as an unattainable ideal. Another type of fantasy is the scenes of group sex.

Fantasies on this subject usually range from carefully designed plans with the support of acquaintances to subjects from the lives of ancient heroes or other fictional faces and images. In some fantasies, it has a bisexual character; in other imaginary scenarios, sexual intercourse is purely heterosexual. Widespread sexual desires may also include the surveillance of other sex offenders. In its purest form, such a fantasy does not involve sexual intercourse of the person who observes, but the author of the fantasy can bring himself into the sight of sexual partners.