49 Miles Surrounded by Reality

I recently spent some time running around the Bay Area trying to get to know it a bit better. This is a first of what I hope are many visual portraits of San Francisco. 49 Miles Surrounded by Reality is a visual film shot in and around…

The Renaissance Woman

Since I started my journey as a filmmaker, the ultimate goal was to close the gap between paid and passion work. With every project, I strived to get closer to a healthy balance where I didn’t feel like the work I was doing was actually…


For this project, I was hired by The Hive Studios as the Director of Photography. The project with filmed at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Florida.

The Aquatic Waltz

I try and test myself creatively as often as possible. For this project, I wanted to capture the beauty of the Monterey Aquarium but do so with the use of only one lens (35mm) and no tripod.

Oaklandish’s Our Turf

I push myself to create work that expands my skill set. For this piece, Caroline of The Hive Studios had a unique concept that utilized the Kessler CineDrive. Her hope was to take the system for a test spin and to create something really…

The Oakland Protests

There has been a lot of traction in the media about protests that turn violent. Want I wanted to try do with this piece was to show how events like this can actually bring people together. Like anything, it only takes a few bad apples...…