For this project, we want to create three case studies that demonstrate how this framework supports its members and how these fundamentals carry forward in activities performed on a daily basis. We wanted to produce two types of assets for this – cinematic portraits and a feature narrative using the footage captured in the breakout videos.

Why Creating Consistency Across Assets Is Important

It’s Marketing on a Higher Level

By connecting marketing assets across genres, you are able to target audiences on multiple levels. Brand recognition is imperative and you miss the mark when you are unable to tie these elements together to telling the bigger brand story. Brand recognition is not just about getting your name out there. It’s about helping consumers get to know your brand on a personal level.

Consistency Makes Your Brand Feel More Dependable

When you’re getting to know a person, you start to develop opinions, ideas and assumptions about them based on your interactions. Same goes for brands. One such example is with your social voice. If your social media voice is playful and funny but your product is simple and plain, you’re sending mixed signals that will confuse consumers and leave them feeling like your brand can’t be trusted.

Consistency helps you manage perceptions.

By thinking carefully and deliberately about your brand you can shape how people perceive your organization. Consistency connotes professionalism, purpose and stability.

Consistency eliminates issues surrounding brand confusion.

For many companies, their branding is actually more of a hindrance than a help. A consistent brand should instill confidence rather than create confusion.

Consistency protects your investment.

Without established brand standards, many organizations spend thousands of dollars crafting a logo and building a message, only to have it degraded by inconsistent, sloppy application. Build equity in your brand by being consistent and with this consistency, make sure that systems are in place to ensure success.

How to Create Consistency

  1. Don’t read “consistency” as “boring.” Consistency actually paves the way to creativity with impact.
  2. Communicate to your team the importance of your brand. Make this an open conversation.
  3. Create a “Brand Guide” – the guidelines that map out how your logo, fonts, colors, tagline, etc. will be used. Make it visual with proper and improper usage examples. It has to be simple and easy to follow, or it won’t have the intended impact. When it comes to video, create a consistent style or approach that links these assets together.